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a new begining

long time, no talk. to be completely honest i totally forgot about this for the longest time, and i just remembered five minutes ago.

is it just or does a new year feel like a new start, where you can just start over and forget the past. at times it feels so hard to because not everyone can forget like you. ps: i can’t type for the life of me and most of the time i rely on auto correct. i feel like writing this is absolutely pointless because no one will ever read this, but i could care less, maybe haha. it just feels like I’m getting so much off my chest and its very therapeutic. (relied on auto correct for that word). i hope this year i can stick to my resolutions and work hard to become a better me, emotionally and physically.

if your reading this, have a great 2018!!!

love, alwaysally xoxo



what is your fantasy? is it so unreal that everything is so perfect that it couldn’t be true?

in my fantasy…. wait you actually thought i was going to tell you, haha nope. but my fantasy is so unreal it’s too good to be true. i am blessed for the life that i have, but life without having creativity and imagination, life is boring.

what do you like to image? i love imaging my favorite places i would love to travel to. i mostly do this in class because i can figure out every detail and it makes time go by faster.

i might elaborate on this topic later. question for you, whats your fantasy? don’t be shy to comment!!

hope you found this entertaining and helpful:) see ya soon!


how to heal

okay im not going to go on for paragraphs on how my life has been and why i haven’t blogged in 6 months. recently i ended what felt like was very long. i wanted to write this to help you if you end a friendship or breakup. maybe haha.

the first thing i like to do is find other people. the day everything started to go wrong, i met one of my closest friends that is so nice. i also go closer with some old friends which is always a plus.

the next thing i like to do is jam out to my favorite songs. this reminds me that i always need to be friends with people who you can act yourself around.

lastly, i love watching my favorite youtubers. the specific people i watch have been bullied, are famous, and tough times through friendships, but look at them now. this reassures me i will find better people out there.

hope this helped:) see ya soon!


why am i here?

the real reason

ok so to be honest, I’m only a youtuber and a “blogger” because the truth is


i honestly have those days where I’m like, do people like me

and of course i care which is stupid, but i always find myself crying because it honestly does.

well i have a few friends (which is better than none) but i always have them at the wrong times, and they aren’t there when i need them.

when i was younger, in elementary, i remember i used to bully kids because i had a somewhat tough childhood and didn’t have self confidence, so i took out on other people.

music really makes me let out all my stress

in my head, ok this sounds weird, but i create people who i think are amazing and i look up to in everything, and i talk to myself like I’m them

this makes all my days 10000000% better. one day, i want to be one of them. and i hope everyday, i can make one small difference into making myself have an amazing life, because this is only given to me once


have a great life, live out loud

see ya soon

alwaysally02 signing off…

new me

happy new year! its my last blog of 2016, even though I’m not so active and i apologize  for that!

anyways i’ll blog more tomorrow but goodnight and happy 2017


see ya soon

alwaysally signing off…

13 things

look who’s back…….

ok so i took a long break for personal reasons but i don’t want to make any promises:(

so since tomorrow is my birthday and it is my last day of being 13, i thought i would make of list of 13 things i learned from being 13

here we go:

  1. middle school is awkward: i learned that the hard way

from finals to “boyfriends” middle school is just plain awkward

2. dont trust anyone, even if you think they are your friends: again i learned that the hard way

3. don’t try to be popular, its not worth it

4.nightmares do come true: the election

5. the people do not determine the president, the electoral college (unfortunately)

6. hairspray is amazing :)))))

7. new friends are always around the corner;)

8. makeup is stupid (except concealer hahahahah)

9. youtube is amazing (so true)

10. blogging relieves stress

11. my family is amazing

12. i don’t have a lot of friends but the ones i have are amazing

13. i love blogging:)

thanks for reading!!!


see ya soon

alwaysally signing off…


hey everyone! i thought i would post a little vlogg but I’m sick;(

but i really wanted to make a blog of my sick essentials !

SICK ESSENTAILS (for colds, soar throats, etc)

  1. cough drops: these are really good and make my throat feel good!
  2. youtube: it entertains me and i catch up on videos
  3. smoothies: they are soon good and help my throat
  4. soup:          ^
  5. blankets and fans: i get both hot and cold
  6. gatorade and water: hydration is key
  7. and lastly, lip balm: i always get chapped lips

i hoped this helped you if your sick!!

see ya soon

alwaysally signing off…



finally I’m posting another blog. I’m so sorry its been so long

I’ve been super busy with homework and school that i have had no time to blog

but i miss u all!! i have great stories to share which i’ll post this week, hopefully


see ya soon

alwaysally signing off…


hey everyone! I’m back @t it with anotherrrr blog:)

today i thought i would talk about seasons

i cannot believe halloween is almost here!

I’ve decided to go to my grandmas and help give out candy since my neighborhood isn’t really busy and it gives me time to spend with her;)

and then it will be my birthday! (well thanksgiving but…)!


anyways i have to finish my homework;(

see ya soon     *i promise

alwaysally signing off…

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